Physics 690/482-02
Particle Physics and Gravity in Extra Dimensions.

Class schedule: MWF 9-10am, Small Hall, Room 238
Office hours: By arrangement or any time instructor is in office

Instructor - Josh Erlich
Small Hall, Room 220
Phone: 757-221-3763

Topics to be explored:

What you should be familiar with prior to this course:

Course requirements:

Reading material:

Robert Wald's textbook, General Relativity, would be a useful resource for some of the problem sets, but is not required. We will sometimes refer to papers and reviews available online.

Lecture notes (for first half of the course):

A brief history of extra dimensions
Geometry I - Modified Feb. 4, 2005
Geometry II
Scalar fields in extra dimensions
Scalar fields in compact extra dimensions
Vector fields in extra dimensions
Massive electrodynamics in compact extra dimensions

Online references:

M. Duff, Kaluza-Klein Theory in Perspective, hep-ph/9410046
C. Csaki, TASI Lectures on Extra Dimensions and Branes, hep-ph/0404096
G. Gabadadze, ICTP Lectures on Large Extra Dimensions, hep-ph/0308112
C. Csaki, et. al., Universal aspects of gravity localized on thick branes, hep-th/0001033

Problem sets:

Problem sets will generally be due on Fridays.

Problem Set 1 (, ps1.pdf), due Friday, January 28 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 2 (, ps2.pdf), due Friday, February 4 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 3 (, ps3.pdf), due Friday, February 11 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 4 (, ps4.pdf), due Friday, February 18 -- postponed to Monday, February 21 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 5 (, ps5.pdf), due Friday, February 25 -- postponed to Monday, February 28 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 6 (, ps6.pdf), due Friday, March 4 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 7 (, ps7.pdf), due Friday, March 25 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 8 (, ps8.pdf), due Friday, April 1 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 9 (, ps9.pdf), due Friday, April 8 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 10 (, ps10.pdf), due Friday, April 15 --- Solutions.
Problem Set 11 (, ps11.pdf), due Friday, April 29 --- Solutions.

Final Project:

Due Monday, April 25. The final project involves researching a topic related to extra dimensions and preaparing an oral or written presentation. Details are available here.