Physics 314 - Quantum Mechanics II

Eugeniy E. Mikhailov

Spring 2024

General class information

Office hours

I am available at my office SmallHall 253, or in the superposition of my labs 032, 034, or 065.

Course Overview

This course is a continuation of our study of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. We will explore more advanced techniques and study specific examples from atomic, solid state, and nuclear physics. Over the course of the second semester, we will work through part II of the text book, including Perturbation Theory, Variational Principle, Identical Particles, Scattering, and other advance topics.

TA information

Yangli Zeng will be assisting with this class. He is available from 2pm-4pm on Monday and Wednesday in Small 038.


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Tentative schedule and reading assignments


Homework submission is done via Gradescope code 8E83K5

Lecture notes

Lecture 1

We started - Time-independent perturbations (1st order)

Reading assignments

  • We started working on Ch. 11 (covered only 2 pages so far), feel free to read ahead and review full notes above. It will be easier to follow them during the next class.

Lecture 2

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Lecture 23

Multiple tangents: radiative loss of energy by accelerating charges, radio, antennas; “unjustified” Bohr orbits; if electron orbits are stable why do we see light emission from atoms; lasers, pumping, population inversion, seed photons, stimulated emission, light amplification, mirrors feedback; vacuum fluctuation; uncertainty principle; definition of the temperature, laser and evaporating cooling.

Lecture 24