Physics 721: Field Theory and Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
Fall 2010

Class schedule: Mon,Wed 11-12:20, Millington 230
Office hours: By arrangement, i.e. stop by Josh's office to see if he's free.

Instructor: Josh Erlich
Millington Hall, Room 221
Office Phone: 757-221-3763
Cell Phone: 757-272-2697

Topics to be covered:

Examples will be taken mainly from particle physics, but may also include condensed matter and atomic physics.

Course requirements and grade:

The final exam will be posted here at 5pm on December 7. During the exam check this page regularly, as I will address questions asked during the exam.

Final Exam - due Friday, Dec 10 at 5pm. Late exams will not be accepted.
In part (g) you may just check that the commutator of the appropriate components of Z with their canonical momenta agree with the corresponding commutation relations. You don't need to check [Zm,Zn]=0, for example.
In part (k) you should consider the neutrinos to have large energy, so that there is no ambiguity between left-handed chirality and left-handed helicity.
In part (l) you may assume the neutrino mass, M, is much smaller than the Z mass, mZ.

Problem sets:

Problem sets will generally be due on Wednesdays.

Reading material:

Lecture Notes:
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Problem Sets:
Problem Set 1 (pdf), due Wednesday, September 8. Solutions
Problem Set 2 (pdf), due Monday, September 20. Solutions
Problem Set 3 (pdf), due Wednesday, September 29. Solutions
Problem Set 4 (pdf), due Wednesday, October 6. Solutions
Problem Set 5 (pdf), due Friday, October 15. Solutions
Problem Set 6 (pdf), due Wednesday, October 27. Solutions
Problem Set 7 (pdf), due Wednesday, November 3. Solutions
Problem Set 8 (pdf), due Wednesday, November 10. Solutions
Problem Set 9 (pdf), due Wednesday, November 17. Solutions
Problem Set 10 (pdf), due Wednesday, December 1. Solutions