Physics 303 - Classical Mechanics II

by Eugeniy E. Mikhailov

Fall 2017

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Patrick McArdle.

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Topics covered

Lecture 01

Lecture 02

Lecture 03

Lecture 04

Lecture 05

Lecture 06

Lecture 07

Lecture 08

Lecture 09

Lecture 10

Lecture 11

Lecture 12

Lecture 13

Lecture 14

Lecture 15

Some teaser videos

Lecture 16

Lecture 17

Lecture 18

Lecture 19

Lecture 20

Spinning body demos

With Russian explanations, but demos are still very nice.

Lecture 21

Lecture 22

Lecture 23

Lecture 24

Lecture 25


HW 01

See assignment in the hw01.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 09/08 at 11am.

HW 02

See assignment in the hw02.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 09/14 at 11am.

HW 03

See assignment in the hw03.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 09/21 at 11am.

HW 04

Read chapter 14. Get ready for the first midterm on Thursday 09/28

HW 05

Read chapter 14. Pay attention to the differential cross section definition and derivation.

HW 06

Read chapter 14.

See assignment in the hw06.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 10/12 at 11am.

HW 07

See assignment in the hw07.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 10/19 at 11am.

HW 08

Read chapter 9. Get ready for the first midterm on Tuesday 11/24

HW 09

See assignment in the hw09.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 11/02 at 11am.

Read chapter 9 about tides, we will go over it on Tuesday. Come with questions.

HW 10

See assignment in the hw10.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 11/09 at 11am.

HW 11

The problem 3 is reworded. Hopefully it is easier to read now.

See assignment in the hw11.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 11/16 at 11am.

optional bonus HW

In class I distributed a certain toy. Explain why it prefers a certain spinning direction and refuses to spin in the opposite direction.

Submission deadline is Tuesday 11/28 at 11am.

HW 12

Update for the problem 2. The top is precessing in the Earth gravitational field.

See assignment in the hw12.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 11/30 at 11am.

HW 13

See assignment in the hw13.pdf. Submission deadline is Thursday 12/07 at 11am.