Current research projects

Atomic magnetometry

Narrow two-photon resonances, such as EIT, can be used for designing precise measurement devices, such as atomic clocks, magnetometers, gyroscopes, etc. Currently we are working on developing a VAMPIRE: Vector Atomic Magnetometry via Polarization Interrogation with Rotating EIT.

Squeezed light generation and applications for imaging

Nonlinear interaction with atoms can change light statistics. Under the conditions of polarization self-rotation (PSR), we can generate squeezed vacuum by shining linearly polarized atoms through a Rb vapor cell. We then can use such light to image objects with only a few photons.

Generation of two-mode bi-chromatic squeezing and entanglement

In this project we work on developing a novel two-mode squeezing source to produce quantum correlations between two optical fields: one in near-IR (and couples strongly to Rb spins) and another at the telecom wavelength (to enable efficient transmission through an optical fiber).

Applications of Rydberg EIT for electric field measurements

Highly-excited (Rydberg) electrons are extremely sensitive to their electric environment. We can measure the associated energy shifts via ladder-type EIT, and apply it for all-optical electric field detection.

Quantum-Enhanced particle tracker

Charged particles generate electric and magnetic fields as they travel, and by using atoms as local probes for electromagnetic fields and interrogating them through coherent light polarization, we are able to image the spatial distribution of charged particles in 3 dimensions. This project is in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility to develop a non-invasive relativistic beam profiler.

Former research projects