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Join us October 9, 10am - 2pm for

10th annual Physics department open hous



 Carnival booths

 Oobleck pool

 Egg drop competition

 Alumni reception

 Solar astronomy

 Demo show

 Public lecture

 Undergraduate lightning talks competition

For our virtual guests

 Virtual research tour

 Physics books and coloring pages

 Virtual PysicsFest'20


We are so happy to welcome everyone back and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the PhysicsFest! And what's the best way to selebrate than to have a real Physics Carnival, with a lot of (mostly) outdoor activities for guests of all ages!
The event is absolutely free and we have something fun for visitors of all ages!

We make every effort to make this event a safe experience for everyone. Properly worn masks will be required for all the guests, both indoors and outdoors (as per William and Mary rules). If you don't feel well - please stay home and come visit us next year. Thank you!

Physics Demo show

Guaranteed excitement for all ages. Who knew physics may be so much fun! Let our student presenters to entertain and amaze you with magic and power of science.

Location Small Hall 111

Show times - TBA

Public lecture inspired by the Nobel Prize in Physics'2021

Join us for our beloved traditional PHysicsFest Nobel(-inspired) lecture. Since the awards will be anounced the week of the PhysicsFest, we have to wait to know what it will be about and who will give the lecture! Stay tuned....

Location: Small Hall 111

Time: 11am (preliminary, may change)

Alumni welcome back reception

We are thrilled to welcome our physics alumni back to Small Hall! Please stop by for light refreshment and drinks, and to chat with physics professors and future generation of physics alums
There will be a special commencement ceremony for the class'2020 .

Location: tent outside Small Hall

Time: 11am - 1pm

Undergraduate research lightning talk competition

Meet the next generation of great researchers and enjoy the firework of dazzling science as our undergraduate students will compete in lightning talk competition. Each of them in 5 minutes will tell about their research project and try to convince everyone that they are worth the grand prize.

Location: Small Hall 111

Time: 12.30pm (preliminary, may change)

Who does not enjoy carnival games?! Ours are so much fun!

Rockets! Archery! Bubbles! Liquid Nitrogen! And more!

Location the lawn outside Small Hall

Time: 10am - 2pm

Giant oobleck pool

The activity that leaves everyone leap from joy ... on a jiant pool of non-newtonian liquid. You can run but you can't... stand?! An experience you definitely want in your life!

Location the lawn outside Small Hall

Time: 10am - 2pm

 Egg-drop competition>

Do you want to play a role of a NASA engineer planning a new landing module for Mars explorations? How about designing a way to land an egg from the roof to the surface of the Earth as a first step? We provide eggs and some packing materials, you provide your creativity and construction ideas!

Location the lawn outside Small Hall

Time: 10am - 2pm

 Virtual research tour

Due to safety, we have to skip our traditional lab tour this year. But we still want to share with you what physics professors in Small Hall are working on! Come on in!

 Enter Virtual Small Hall

Physics at home activities

Physics has no boundaries, so please keep exploring and enjoying with these materials! Think of it as a PhysicsFest homework (just kidding!)

Enjoy these Physics-related coloring pages

Check out these great science books in our local libraries

 Please send all questions, requests and suggestions to


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