Short guide to happiness

Follow steps below

First and the most important

Contact Jeff Cahoon <> and ask him to move your computer from AdminNet to PhysicsNet. He will need the MAC address of your network card. He does not need to know anything else.

Obtaining static IP linked to a human readable name

Make sure that you already did step above, without it will not work!

Came up with a nice name which you like. Make sure that there is no computer with such name already existed.

If the name is "upsidedown" make sure that no computer responds to command


Even more importantly you should see no numbers starting with 128.239.5...

If name is not taken. Email me <eemikh[at]> with

Setting the computer

Soon I will back to you with a static IP for your computer. To make everything work you will need the following extra information

You may optionally set the DNS name resolvers to


I did everything according to instructions but I cannot access network.

I did all of above and still no connection.

Sorry, I have no clue what is wrong.

I wish my favorite network printer to be online. What to do?

Contact Jeff with your wish. He will do all needed steps.

But I want it to have human readable name.

Then do the same as with computer name. I will update DNS records and your wish will be fulfilled. No need to setup gateway and netmask, it is already done by Jeff at previous step.