Physics department printers

by Dr. Eugeniy E. Mikhailov

Available network printers

The following network printers are available for the people of physics department.

Several physics group and labs have their own printers, you will know about them once you belong to that group.

Making them work under Linux

  1. install CUPS
  2. point your browser to the CUPS config
  3. under “CUPS for Administrators” click at Adding Printers and Classes
  4. click on “Add Printer”
    • authenticate. You know your computer administrator password. Right?
  5. In “Other Network Printers:” chose the radio button “AppSocket/HP JetDirect”
  6. In the Connection text field type
    • socket:// for ricoh
    • socket:// for prism
  7. Fill human readable description fields
    • Do not share unless you want all the college using your computer as a printing server.
  8. Chose proper printer manufacturer
    • either believe me or access the printer by above links and see for yourself
  9. for model chose something with PS in name (always works but somewhat limited in options) or find the particular model in the list
    • my personal setting are
      • ricoh:
        • in 2021 I succeeded with the driverless cups installation by running the following command:
          • lpadmin -p ricoh -v ipp:// -E -m everywhere
      • prism:
        • Xerox WorkCentre 6605DN color printer with in 2024 prism.ppd and before 2024 Xerox-WorkCentre-6605DN.ppd
        • in 2019 I succeeded with the driverless cups installation by running the following command:
          • lpadmin -p prism -v ipp:// -E -m everywhere
  10. finally click “Add Printer” and you are done

Setting them up will take less than a minute.

Making them work under MS Windows and Apple OSes

Sorry, I am not much help here, I heard it should be easy. Ask colleagues, who are using it, they might help you.

If it fails call our IT department. The phone is 1-HELP.

Common problems

I am at home and unable to print. Can you fix it?

No. It will not work (at least without some port forwarding machinery).

Why above does not work?

These network printers are placed to the special local to WM network and are not accessible from outside of WM. The IT did it to prevent outsiders to misuse our printers.

Printer is physically broken

Please, talk to Carol, Ellie or Paula. They will call IT technical support and ask them to fix it.