Physics 475: Introduction to Mathematical Physics
Spring 2010

Class schedule: T,Th 12:30-1:50pm, Millington Hall, Room 100
Office hours: M 2-3pm,T 4-5pm

Instructor - Josh Erlich
Millington Hall, Room 221
Office Phone: 757-221-3763

Grader - Adithia Kusno, Millington 23, 221-3570,

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Course Summary:

This course covers the basic mathematical concepts required to appreciate the modern understanding of physical law. Topics will include vector analysis, complex variables and contour integration, series solutions of differential equations, orthogonal functions, partial differential equations, and Green's functions. Examples will be motivated by the undergraduate physics curriculum.

Text:  Mary L. Boas, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, Third Ed., Wiley.


This course assumes a background in calculus at the level of Math 111-112. Experience with ordinary differential equations would be helpful.

Course requirements and grade:

Problem Sets:

Problem sets will generally be passed out each Tuesday and due the following Tuesday. Questions about the grading should first be addressed to the grader. After speaking with the grader if you feel that a grading issue was not adequately addressed, then see the instructor.

Problem Set 1, due Tuesday, Feb 2, Solutions.
Problem Set 2, due Tuesday, Feb 9. Solutions.
Problem Set 3, due Tuesday, Feb 16. Solutions.
Problem Set 4, due Tuesday, Feb 23. Solutions.
Problem Set 5, due Tuesday, March 2. Solutions.
No homework over Spring Break!
Problem Set 6, due Tuesday, March 23. Solutions.
Problem Set 7, due Tuesday, March 30. Solutions.
Problem Set 8, due Tuesday, April 6. Solutions.
Problem Set 9, due Tuesday, April 13. Solutions.
Next homework will be assigned April 20!
Problem Set 10, due Thursday, April 29.Solutions.