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Awards of up to $700

The Division of Laser Science (DLS) is pleased to continue its program to support student travel to DLS-sponsored meetings. A limited number of grants for travel and living expenses, up to $700, are available to graduate students who are DLS members and who co-author either an oral or poster paper at the ILS-XVI meeting, or at the at the QELS conference. To make these funds as widely available as possible, some priority will be given to requests for a lower level of support and to distribution of these grants to students of different institutions. Applicants should submit the following materials:

  • A letter stating their estimated need for travel funds, including commitment of institutional support, if any, attached to a copy of the submitted abstract on which they are an author
  • A letter of nomination from a member of the Division of Laser Science (normally the student's advisor); the nominator should certify that the applicant is a full-time student and, in the case of foreign students, that they have a student visa valid through the conference dates. Only one award will be given to a research group.

    Please list daytime phone number, fax number, email address and social security number. If it is likely that the paper cannot be given without this support, the student should indicate whether the paper would be withdrawn if this request for funds cannot be met. Grants are conditional upon acceptance of the paper, and checks will be issued at the conference. Hotel accommodations will be covered at up to half the conference rate for a double room.

    Applications should be sent to the current Secretary/Treasurer of the DLS:

      Prof. Richard R. Freeman
      Dept. of Applied Science
      University of California, Davis
      P.O. Box 808, L-794
      Livermore, CA 94550
      Tel: 510-422-3653
      Fax: 510-422-5811

    Applications must be received by August 10, 2000 for the ILS-XVI/OSA meeting.

    Applications must be received by March 15, 2000 for 2000 QELS meeting.

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