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Summer Research Grants

The Division of Laser Science will again make funds available to provide stipend for approximately eight undergraduate students to conduct laser-related research in the summer between the student's junior and senior year. Preference will be given to DLS student members. The research may be performed at the student's home institution, or at any other U.S. undergraduate or graduate institution at which the student's faculty sponsor can provide close supervision.

The DLS invites proposals from any of its members in good standing as of the date of receipt of the proposal. (Membership in the DLS may be renewed or initiated at any time during the year by APS members upon payment of the $6 subunit fee to the APS Membership Department, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD, 20740-3486 (301) 209-3200.) Proposals should be limited to about a one--page description of the research to be performed, the qualifications of the candidate, and the level of support needed, together with a brief vita of the faculty sponsor and a copy of the student's transcript. These funds may not be used for indirect costs. Selection will be made by the selection committee chaired by Doreen Weinberger (Smith College), based upon the appropriateness of the project, its relevance to encouraging the student to consider further involvement in work using or developing lasers, adequacy of the resources available, and the scientific and educational content of the research. The student will be expected to submit a brief summary of accomplishments at the conclusion of the research.

Proposals should be submitted in writing by March 6, 2000 to the current Secretary/Treasurer of the DLS:

    Prof. Richard R. Freeman
    Dept. of Applied Science
    University of California, Davis
    P.O. Box 808, L-794
    Livermore, CA 94550
    Tel: 510-422-3653
    Fax: 510-422-5811
(A second, backup copy may be submitted by email). First consideration will be given to proposals from sponsors who have not obtained support in the previous year; others will be considered if sufficient funds are available. This year's awards will be announced on or about April 1, 2000.

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