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Fellow Nominations for 2000 are Solicited!

The DLS has made many distinguished contributions to the list of APS Fellows, including the seven elected this year. Nominations for next year's fellwoships are now being solicited.

The number of DLS nominations chosen to be forwarded to the APS for confirmation as Fellow in a given year is typically in the range 5-10. This depends on the good judgement of the nominators and the Divisional Committee on Fellows headed by the DLS Vice-Chair, Tony Heinz, but the Committee can do nothing without nominations. This is where DLS members must come into the picture. The Executive Committe is urging all DLS members to consider whether they know of a colleague who is deserving of the prized honor of APS Fellowship. If you are uncertain about a colleague's status, consult the APS Membership Directory, where an asterisk identifies Fellows. Nominations for deserving women, minority, and foreign DLS members are especially sought.

Any member can nominate any other member, and the supporting documentation is not difficult to assemble. The deadline for a nomination and supporting letters to reach the APS, in time for DLS consideration, is April 1, 2000. All of the required information is available on the WWW at http://www.aps.org/fellowship/fellinfo.html Further information can be obtained from the APS at (301) 209-3268 (phone), (301) 209-0865 (fax), or email at fellowship@aps.org.

1999 Division of Laser Science Fellows

Breckenridge, William Howard
University of Utah

Laser Science

For his pioneering contributions to state-to-state dynamics using laser pump-probe "bulb" methods, to half
collision van der Waals methods in dynamics, and to laser spectroscopic characterization of bonding in
metal/rare-gas diatomic molecules.

Downer, Michael C.
University of Texas

Laser Science

For fundamental contributions to nonlinear and ultrafast laser spectroscopy of solids and surfaces near the
melting threshold and of gases and underdense plasmas near the thresholds of ionization and wakefield

Hepburn, John William
University of Waterloo

Laser Science

For important contributions to laser chemistry and laser spectroscopy, particularly in the area of
applications of coherent vacuum ultraviolet radiation to threshold photoionization spectroscopy.

Johnson, Mark A.
Yale University

Laser Science

For developing controlled sources of cold cluster anions and using infrared dissociation to elucidate the
structure of water networks around anions.

Schleich, Wolfgang Peter
Universität Ulm

Laser Science

For outstanding work on the correlated emission laser, interference in phase space, and quantum state

Stegeman, George I.
University of Central Florida

Laser Science

For pioneering contributions to nonlinear optics and optoelectronics, especially the study of nonlinear
guided wave optics.

Wilson, Kent R.
University of California, San Diego

Laser Science

For his development of photofragment spectroscopy, his pioneering work on the dynamics of chemical
reactions in solution, and his recent innovations in ultrafast x-ray diffraction and absorption and quantum

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