Joshua Erlich
Associate Professor of Physics

Contact Information:

Department of Physics
College of William & Mary
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795

Small Hall, Rm 332B
Phone: (757)221-3763

2010 Graduation Speech


I am a member of the High Energy Theory Group at the College of William & Mary. My research is focused on particle physics beyond the Standard Model, and applications of string theoretic principles to other branches of physics.



Graduate Students:

Zhen Wang
Dylan Albrecht
Jong Anly Tan (Ph.D., January, 2010. Surya Institute for Science, Computer and Math Education, Indonesia.)
Brian Glover (Ph.D., May, 2009. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock.)

Undergraduate Students:

Patrick King
Kyle Zora (B.S., May, 2012. Grad school, UC Davis)
Ron Wilcox (B.S., May, 2011. Grad school, MIT)
Emily Goodale (B.S., May, 2010, Grad school, Virginia Commonwealth University)
Jeffrey Brown (B.S., May, 2009. Grad school, U. Kansas)
Robert Jamie Polackwich (B.S., May, 2009. Grad school, Georgetown U)
Lukas Osborn (B.S., May, 2008. Grad school, U. North Carolina)
Andrew McGowan (B.S., January, 2008. Grad school, Virginia Tech)
Keith Bechtol (B.S., May, 2007. Grad school, Stanford U)