Physics 101: General Physics
Fall 2013

Class schedule: M,W,F 11:00-11:50am, Small Hall, Room 110
Instructor office hours: Wed 3-4pm, Thurs 3-4pm, other times by appointment
Help Desk hours: TBA

Instructor - Josh Erlich
Small Hall, Room 332B
Office Phone: 757-221-3763

Grader - TBA

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Course Summary

The Physics 101-102 sequence is designed to develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics. The first semester focuses on Newtonian mechanics. This course is intended for those majoring in, or considering majoring in, the physical sciences or mathematics. Phys 101 and Phys 102 each satisfies General Education Requirement 2A. Phys 101L and Phys 102L each satisfy the GER 2 lab requirement.

Text:  D.Giancoli, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Fourth Edition.

Prerequisites:  This course has no prerequisites. Students are expected to take a course on calculus concurrently unless they have already taken such a course. Students must coregister for Phys 101 and 101P to receive credit for the course. Most students should also register for Phys 101L, the associated lab.

Blackboard Site:  Students enrolled in the course will find course-related information on Blackboard, which can be accessed at

WebAssign:  This course uses WebAssign for homework assignments. Access cards may be purchased bundled with the textbook at the W& M bookstore. Students registered for Phys 101 will be added to the course roster on WebAssign, with their W& M username as their username. The temporary password will be given on the first day of class.

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