Physics mailing lists

by Dr. Eugeniy E. Mikhailov

List maintained by physics server (aka spiffy)

General rule 2017 is just a suffix to fend away spammers. It has nothing to do with the year of 2017. This suffix might change in the future.

Add to the list name to get proper email.

Umbrella mail list

Umbrella list name Directed to the following lists
physics2017 –> faculty2017, researchers2017, adjuncts2017, postdocs2017, gradstudents2017, staff2017, visitingscientists2017, undergrads2017
faculty2017 –> untenured_faculty2017,tenured_faculty2017,emeriti2017
voting_faculty2017 –> tenured_faculty2017,untenured_faculty2017
undergrads2017 –> seniors2017,juniors2017,sophomores2017,freshmen2017
building –> physics2017, applied2017

You can use lists from the right hand side to send a more directed email.

Additional mailing lists

List name Target group
full_profs2017 –> full professors
newgrads2017 –> first year grad students
seniorsandhonors –> senior undergraduate student who do not do EPAD
epadseniors –> senior undergraduate student who belong to EPAD
smalllabs –> Profs who have lab in Small hall