LaserFest Day

at William & Mary!


This is your chance to experience lasers as never before! Enjoy the wide variety of illuminating science fun for the whole family!


November 13, noon – 5pm

Small Hall

(behind Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall)

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 Visit research labs

Have you ever wonder how a research lab looks like? This is your chance to see several physics and applied science labs and talk to people who work there.

Participating scientists:

Basement floor

Seth Aubin – Laser Cooling and Ultra-cold Matter (Room 069)

Gunter Luepke – Ultrafast Material Studies (Room 064)

Irina Novikova – Quantum and Nonlinear optics (Room 065)

First floor

Bill Cooke – Biophysics (Room 170)

Todd Averett – Experiments with Subatomic Particles (Room 163)


For our younger visitors we offer an exciting treasure hunt – collect secret messages from all the research labs to get a prize!

Interactive laser demonstrations

Come and learn about how a laser works, and what it is capable of. Guaranteed excitement for all ages.

Laser-inspired photo contest

Perfect merge of science and art – submit laser-assisted, laser-enabled or laser-inspired photos for our contest and win $100 Top Prize or smaller cash prizes!

You can take your picture during the Laser Day or e-mail it to us later.

“Amazing Lasers” presentations from William&Mary professors

In last 50 years lasers became truly indispensible tools in many areas of our life. Learn more about cutting-edge science and technology made possible by lasers and other optical devices!


1.00 pm

Prof. Seth Aubin

Laser cooling and Atom Lasers

1.30 pm

Prof. R. Ale Lukaszew

Blue-Ray DVD technology

2.00 pm

Prof.  Hannes C. Schniepp

Atomic Force Microscopy: Sub-Nanometer Precision Guided by Laser Light


Prof. Irina Novikova

Quantum Internet


Prof. Bill Cooke

Visualizing cancer molecule by molecule:  Laser Desorption Mass Spectroscopy


Prof. Eugeniy Mikhailov

LIGO: Laser Detection of Ripples in Space


Prof. R. Ale Lukaszew

Blue-Ray DVD technology


Prof.  Hannes C. Schniepp

Atomic Force Microscopy: Sub-Nanometer Precision Guided by Laser Light

Location – Small Hall 111 


We will also make liquid nitrogen ice cream!

Come joint the laser fun!



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