PhysicsFest at William & Mary!

This is your chance to experience physics as never before! Enjoy the wide variety of illuminating science fun for the whole family!

 October 22, 10 am – 4pm

In Small Hall

(behind Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall)

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Visit research labs

Have you ever wonder how a research lab looks like? This is your chance to see several physics and applied science labs and talk to people who work there.

Participating scientists:

Seth Aubin – Laser Cooling and Ultra-cold Matter (Room 069)

Gunter Luepke – Ultrafast Material Studies (Room 064)

Irina Novikova – Quantum and Nonlinear optics (Room 065)

Bill Cooke – Biophysics (Room 170)

R. Ale Lukaszew – Thin films and nanostructures (Room 030)

Mumtaz Qazilbash  -  Optical studies of solid-state materials (Room 028)

Gina Hoatson – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques (NMR lab)

For our younger visitors we offer an exciting treasure hunt – collect secret messages from all the research labs to get a prize!


Interactive demonstrations

Ever wonder about how a laser works? Or what happens with air when it is really cold? Physics students will show you fun ways to learn physics.  Guaranteed excitement for all ages.

Location – Small Hall 110


Want to know more about cutting edge science?

Presentations from Physics professors (in white) and students (in purple)

Location – Small Hall 111 


Hans von Bayer

History of Small Physics


Will Adams

Acoustic Reflection from  the Jamestown North Dorm


Anne Mennen

Discovering Companion Brown Dwarfs


Prof. Seth Aubin

Laser cooling and Atom Lasers


Elana Urbach

The Sun as a Star: The Relationship between the Calcium K-line and Magnetic Field Strength


Ari Cukierman

Decaying Dark Matter and the Cosmic Ray Spectrum


Patricia Vahle

Neutrinos: Faster than the speed of light?


Wouter Deconik

What is going on in Jefferson Lab?


Josh Erlich

Physics of Chocolate


Sandro Gvakharia

Imaging Metallic Nanoparticles for Bioanalysis


Tim Milburn, Trey Stanton

Turning into Scandium: An Analysis Of Molecular Structure Through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Marc Sher

Nobel lecture: accelerating universe


Prof. Irina Novikova

Quantum Internet


Enrico Rossi

Art and Science: Spot the Resemblance?

We will also make liquid nitrogen ice cream – most natural (and tasty) ice cream you’ve ever tried!

Come join the physics fun!


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