This is your chance to experience physics as never before! Enjoy the wide spectrum of illuminating science fun for the whole family!


October 27, 10 am – 4pm

Small Hall (behind Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall)

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This year’s PhysicsFest theme is


Experience electromagnetic radiation of all scales in our hand-on 100% interactive displays, to learn how to be a radio operator, to safely explode things in a microwave, to find out the most colorful way to measure temperature, to catch a glimpse of a intergalactic radiation, and more!

Join us for our first annual

Undergraduate Physics poster session and competition

Location – Small Hall Library, 10-11.30am

Come and see what the next generation scientists and researchers are up to!

 Visit research labs (12-4pm)

Have you ever wonder how a research lab looks like? This is your chance to see several physics and applied science labs and talk to people who work there.


Participating scientists:

Mumtaz Qazilbash  -  Optical studies of solid-state materials (Room 028)

R. Ale Lukaszew – Thin films and nanostructures (Room 030)

Eugeniy Mikhailov – Quantum and Nonlinear optics (Room 032)

Gina Hoatson – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques (Room 115)

Todd Averett – Experiments with Subatomic Particles  (Room 167)

For our younger visitors we offer an exciting treasure hunt – collect secret messages from all the research labs to get a prize!

Want to have your own PhysicsFest at home? Just check out these great books in your local library and start having fun!

Daylight astronomy? Why not! Take a short elevator ride to the roof of Small Hall to see the Sun and planets as you’ve never seen them before.

Observations start an 12pm, weather permitting.

Want to try your hands on physics experiments? Come to our Physics Playroom!

 Fun hand-on science for everyone from 1 to 101!

Location – Small Hall 122

Open 10am – 4pm

Interactive demonstrations

Ever wonder about how a laser works? Or what happens with air when it is really cold? Join physics students for fun ways to learn physics.  Guaranteed excitement for all ages.

Location – Small Hall 110

Demonstration starts at 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30 pm and 3.30pm

Want to know more about cutting edge science?

Presentations from Physics professors

Location – Small Hall 111


Joshua Erlich

What is everything is made of?





Bob Welsh

The WWII Enigma Machine; How it worked, how the Allies broke it (with an actual Enigma Machine for the audience to play with)





Seth Aubin

Nobel lecture





Ale Lukaszew

Structural color, metamaterials and plasmons





We will also make liquid nitrogen ice cream – most natural (and tasty) ice cream you’ve ever tried!

Come join the physics fun!

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