Bob Physics 109 Lecture Schedule

Physics 109 Lecture Schedule: Spring 2007

  • (N. B.This schedule is preliminary. (The dates and page numbers are subject to change throughout the semester.) We will use the THIRD Edition (2005) of Bloomfield's text; avoid buying the older, first or second editions. It is also important to buy the Third edition with ISBN number 0471946648 to be able to use the webpages of "Wiley Plus" where homework assignments are to be completed. If you are a "paperless" person or if you have a used textbook, you can gain access to Wiley Plus and also a copy of the text on the web for a reduced price.The ISBN number for that web-only text is 0471932930. (I am not certain if there is an ISBN for the "Wiley Plus" alone. Note that you must purchase a Radio-Frequency "clicker" which gives you interactive responses during the lectures. Those can be resold when you are finished using them. The "RF" clickers used in Spring 2006 will work if you happen to have one. The newer RF clicker has an additional feature but a used one will work. DO NOT, however, buy a used infra-red clicker as we will not be able to use those. In addition, we will use readings from the book "Voodoo Science", by Robert Park.

    Day......... Readings Main Topics
    1.Th 25 Jan pp 1-16 Basic Math, Vectors, Newton's Laws
    2 Tu 30 Jan pp 17-39 Velocity, acceleration, work, energy,time
    3. Th 1 Feb pp 40-50 Motion, simple mechanics, Time
    4. Tu 6 Feb pp 51-80 Friction, wheels, linear/angular momentum
    5. Th 8 Feb pp 81-110 Springs, Shock Absorbers, Momentum Transfer
    6. Tu 13 Feb pp 110-138 Bicycles, stability, summary of mechanics
    7. Th 15 Feb pp 203-215 Heat, temperature, conduction, radiation, etc.
    8. Tu 20 Feb pp 215-224 Phase Transitions, melting, freezing, boiling, etc.
    9. Th 22 Feb pp 224-236 Light bulbs, black-body radiation, photons.
    10. Tu 27 Feb pp 239-262 Laws of Thermodynamics, heat pumps, heat engines
    11.Th 1 March TEST 1; Through material of 22 Feb.
    12.Tu 6 Mar pp 263-280 Summary of thermo, clocks, resonance, musical notes, oscillators
    13.Tu 20 Mar pp 280-301 Mechanical waves, wave motion, interference
    14.Th 22 Mar pp 302-318 Electricity, fields, forces, electrostatic copiers,magnetism
    15.Tu 27 Mar pp 319-341 Current,voltage, batteries, introduction to Ohm's Law,
    16. Th 29 Mar pp 342-361 Magnetism, power distribution, magnetic induction
    17.Tu 3 Apr pp 362-387 Transformers, generators motors
    18.Th 5 Apr pp 388-403 DC and AC power, conductors, insulators, semiconductors.
    19.Tu 10 Apr pp 404-420 Telegraph, telephone, amplifiers, ipods
    20. Th 12 Apr pp 421-444 Microwave ovens, radio, television
    21. Tu 17 Apr pp 443-460 Light as waves and as particles; refraction, photons
    23. Th 19 Apr TEST II Material through 12 April
    24. Tu 24 Apr pp460-475 Fluorescent lights,Atomic Physics,lasers
    25. Th 26 Apr pp 476-489 Cameras, Telescopes, film, color
    26. Tu 1 May pp 489-501 Recorders, electrical, mechanical, optical
    27. Th 3 May pp 502-516 Nuclear energy, fission, fusion
    Fri 11 May at 8:30. Final Exam

    Final Exam: (Friday 11 May at 8:30)This room. The final will include all material covered in the course. Please, if you should discover that you have a final exam conflict, contact the dean to resolve it. I would greatly appreciate it if you would persuade one of your other instructors to change their exam date for you if possible.

    **** The web page: contains material that is not included in the text. You will find a number of interesting HTW items at that web site.

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