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Logitech FirstMouse+ Linux Diagnostics and Initilization

As of XFree86 3.3.5 the Logitech OEM mice should properly initialize. Please upgrade to this package before trying anything else or emailing me.

Regarding NON-M-S48 pointing devices: These programs are designed to work SOLELY with the M-S48 and M-S48-OEM versions of the Logitech FirstMouse+. If they happen to initialize other Logitech or similar devices that is great. HOWEVER, I can not (and will not) modify these programs to work with cordless devices, trackballs, or other pointing devices simply because I do not have any/all of these pieces of hardware and as such can not test anything I would write. Additionally Logitech's technical documentation section regarding its devices is virtually non-existent, so without a physical device to probe I would only be guessing blindly at what codes it responds to.

A. Norman

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Enable_Logitech_Wheel-0.3.tgz12 Kb Jul 10 09:55 Logitech FirstMouse+ OEM Wheel Enable
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README.mouse_diag3 Kb Jul 10 09:39 Information on Mouse_Diag