Group publication list

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Conference proceedings

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Internal documents


Matt Simons, " Whispering-gallery mode resonators for nonlinear and quantum optical applications" (June, 2014).

Travis Horrom, " Experimental Generation and Manipulation of Quantum Squeezed Light via Polarization-Self-Rotation in Rb Vapor" (March, 2013).

Nathaniel B. Phillips, " Slow and Stored light under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency and four wave mixing in an atomic vapor" (August, 2011).

Undergraduate Theses

Jesse Evans, " Implementation and Evaluation of Four Wave Mixing in Optical Gyroscopes" Honor thesis (May, 2014).

Bain Bronner, " Using Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators to Accurately Track Temperature Fluctuations" Honor thesis (May, 2013).

Evan Crisman, " Studies of Transmission and Reflection for an Anisotropic Thin Film System " Thesis (May, 2013).

Matt Argao, "Automated Mode-Matching of Gaussian Beams " Thesis (May, 2013).

Jakob Fry, " Three-Dimensional Magnetic Mapping using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and the Effects of Retro-reected Light on EIT" Honor thesis (May, 2012).

Pavel Zhuravlev, " Development of a Stable Laser Lock System" Thesis (May, 2012).

Kevin Cox, " Vector Magnetometer Using Rb Vapor" Honor thesis (May, 2011).

David J. Gribbin V, " Development of Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators in Lithium Niobate" Thesis (May, 2011).

Francesca M. Fornasini, " The Application of Four-Wave Mixing to Cold and Ultracold Atom Imaging" Honor thesis (May, 2010).

Paul L. Stubbs, " Laser Locking with Doppler-free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy" Thesis (May, 2010).

William F. Ames, " Optical Filtering with Phase Singularities" Honor thesis (May, 2009).

Joseph A. Goldfrank, " Collisional Transfer of Atomic Coherence" Honor thesis (May, 2009).

Nathan T. Belcher, " Development of a Prototype Atomic Clock Based on Coherent Population Trapping" Thesis (May, 2008).

Reports and other documents

Logan Stagg, " Study of Slow and Fast Light in Rubidium Vapor" REU report (2012).

David Gribbin, " LiNbO3 Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators Polishing Procedure and Troubleshooting" REU report (2010).

Jeff Eldred, " Measuring Polarization Rotation to study Spin-exchange Collisions" REU report (2009).

Tom Noel, " Investigation of Squeezed Light with an Injection Locked Laser" REU report (2008).

Martha Roseberry, " Installation and Testing of an Optical Network" REU report (2008); " Technical documentation to remote wavemeter interface"

Nathan Belcher, " Optimization of a Prototype Atomic Clock Based on Coherent Population Trapping" REU report (2008).

Will Ames, " Optical Filtering with Phase Singularities" REU report (2008).

Nathan Belcher, "VCSEL Laser System for Atomic Clocks," REU report (2007).