Physics 481/690: Quantum Optics

Fall 2015

Lectures:  Monday and Wednesday, 10.00-10:50 a.m. in Small †233

Instructor: Irina Novikova

Office: Small 251
E-mail: ixnovi[at] 
Office hours: TBD
Telephone: (757) 221-3693


Pre-requisite: Phys314 Quantum Mechanics II or equivalent

Required text: C. C. Gerry and P.L. Knight: Introductory Quantum Optics, Cambridge University Press.

Homework: 6 assignments (see course schedule for due dates)







Midterm test




Final presentation


Course schedule and Homework Assignments

Tentative course content

Quantum field theory of light

Quantization of an electro-magnetic field, quadrature operators, vacuum fluctuations and the zero-point energy †

Simple quantum states of light

Coherent states, thermal states, Fock (number) states, squeezed light

Beam splitter, interferometers and detectors

Quantum mechanics of beam splitters, interferometry with single photon and interaction-free measurements, photodetectors and quantum tomography, quantum coherence functions

Emission and absorption of radiation by atoms

Atom-field interactions, Rabi and Jaynes-Cummings models, dissipative interactions

Optical tests of quantum mechanics

Entanglement, quantum eraser, optical tests of local realism, Bellís theorem, non-demolition measurements, quantum teleportation.