AMO Physics

AMO Research at W&M

   The AMO physics groups at W&M are pursuing research programs at the undergraduate and PhD levels in ultra-fast physics, laser biophysics, atomic physics theory, slow light, and ultra-cold matter. Here is a summary of the AMO research at W&M.

  • Aubin Group: Ultra-cold AMO physics
    The Ultra-Cold AMO Physics group investigates the use of ultra-cold degenerate fermions for matter-wave interferometry and creating novel many-body systems.

  • Delos Group: AMO theory group
    The AMO theory group is investigating chaotic systems in both quantum and classical atomic physics systems with an emphasis on those exhibiting monodromy.

  • Novikova Group: Slow-light AMO physics
    The Novikova Group studies the coherent interaction of light with atoms to control and manipulate optical properties of atomic ensembles, such as Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT), slow and stored light, and resonant Raman processes.

The AMO research groups jointly operate an Ultra-Fast Laser User Facility , which consists of a laboratory equipped with a KMLabs femtosecond Ti:Sapph laser, two optics tables for user experiments, and computer workstations for data analysis
   Other laser science research groups at W&M: