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Join us October 12-24 for

Virtual PhysicsFest (because it is 2020)

Art of Physics!


 Public lecture

 Alumni reception

 Physics art gallery

 Quantum Art lesson (live!)

 Art and Physics Fusion lecture (live!)

 Personality Quiz

 Research tour

 Demo show

 Books and coloring pages

 Land of Turbulence tour


Even though we won't welcome visitors to Physics Department this year, we are ready to celebrate Art of Physics with virtually anyone! We have so much to share! Most of the activities are recorded, so you can enjoy them any time anywhere, but we are also planning some real-time interactions.

Physics Demo show

Guaranteed excitement for all ages. Who knew physics may be so much fun!

 Welcome to our Show!

Public lecture inspired by Nobel Prize in Physics'2020

Saturday, October 17 at 2pm (EDT)

Prof. Marc Sher talked about the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics:
"Nobel Prize: the prediction and the discovery of the black holes"
You can now see the recording of the lecture and the following Q&A session.

Virtual Meet and Greet with Physics People

Saturday, October 17 at 2.30-4pm (EDT)

Immediately following the Nobel lecure we will hold a zoom reception for Physics alums, friends and anyone who wants to meet physics students and professors.

Become a Quantum Artist

Saturday, October 24 at 2-2.45pm (EDT)

Do you know how to draw a Schrodinger cat? Our students do! Join them for an art lesson to learn to make a portrait of this most famous feline and to ask any questions about Shrodinger cats, quantum mechanics and physics in general!
See the lesson recording
Browse our Quantum Cats gallery - and email your creations to be featured!

"Art and Physics Fusion" by Dr. Stephanie Bailey

Saturday, October 24 at 2.45-4pm (EDT)

Physics Alumna Prof. Stephanie Bailey (Chapman University) talked about the intimate connection between Arts and Physics.
See the recording of the lecture

For those of us who are neither physicists nor artists, it’s easy to think that there is no Venn-diagram overlap between physics and art. But the work of Professor Stephanie Bailey aims to remind us that there are ways to build bridges between the two. To quote Dannie Dinh, the Special Assistant ' to the director of International Research Institute for Climate and Society, "Visual art has the power to spark conversations, to envision ideas and concepts, to make the intangible tangible, to inject the issues into our mainstream culture. The science community is trained to find answers and solutions in numbers and figures, but it also faces the challenging task of communicating and relaying scientific findings to policy makers, stakeholders, voters and other nonscientific communities who can pursue policies and actions based on the information." Professor Bailey will discuss the importance of integrating art into the science curriculum and share her recent work, including a) a recently published book to make introductory physics more accessible and to increase interest in the subject by incorporating art-based teaching at the undergraduate level, b) a service-learning project in which students were tasked with designing and building musical instruments to donate to a K-6 school in Southern Leyte, Philippines, c) a collaboration between local artists and physics graduate students to inspire exciting art based on scientific ideas that resulted in a month-long gallery exhibit, d) a project in which students were challenged to turn a room into a camera obscura, e) a project in which students carved vegetables into playable musical instruments, and f) an art installation that highlights the ubiquity of motors.

 Our Physics in Art gallery

We have paired famous works of art with the physics experiments, please come and explore!

Physics students have assembled a whole collection of demonstrations and activities
While some of them require special equipment, many you can safely try at home (with parental supervision for younger physicists).

 Enter the Physics Art Gallery

Or maybe you prefer to enjoy the masterpieces of the Universe (cortesy of WM Astronomy club).

 Enter the Cosmic Art Gallery

Take our Physics Personality Quiz

What physicist are you? No formulae involved! Take our quick artistic quiz to find out!

 Take a Quiz

Disclamer: Nobel prize is not guaranteed!

 Virtual research tour

Please knock on doors of Physics profs and let them tell you about their research!

 Enter Virtual Small Hall

Physics at home activities

Physics has no boundaries, so please keep exploring and enjoying with these materials! Think of it as a PhysicsFest homework (just kidding!)

Enjoy these Physics-related coloring pages

Check out these great science books in our local libraries

And for our visitors with some physics background: take a stroll in the land of turbulence with Prof. Saskia Mordijck.

 Please send all questions, requests and suggestions to


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