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October 15, 10 am – 4pm

Small Hall (behind Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall)

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Full schedule at a glance

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This year’s PhysicsFest theme is

Making waves!

    Wave goodbye to the misconception that physics is boring and hard! Dive into fun Physics demos, new discoveries, and free ice cream!


PhysicsFest 2016 Photo Competition!

See all the submissions here

Congratulations for the winners!

Professional judges choice:

1st place: Milky way  by Rico Xi

2nd place: Lunar Mosaic by Jacob Gunnarson

                        Chasing Light by Deepak Krishnankutty

Popular vote:

1st place: Schrӧdinger’s Cat Prior to Observation by Stephanie Wang

2nd place: Chasing Light by Deepak Krishnankutty

3rd place: Trifid Nebula by Jacob Gunnarson

            Start saving your best images for next year’s competition!

Join us for our 4th annual

Undergraduate Physics poster session and competition

Location – Small Hall Library, 10-11.30am

Come and see what the next generation of scientists and researchers are up to!

 Visit research labs (11 am - 2pm)

Have you ever wondered how a research lab really looks? This is your chance to see several physics and applied science labs and talk to people who work there.


Participating scientists

Todd Averett – Hyperpolarized Gases for Nuclear Physics (Room 167)

Mumtaz Qazilbash  -  Photon spectroscopy (Room 024)

R. Ale Lukaszew – Thin films and nanostructures (Room 030)

Eugeniy Mikhailov – Quantum optics and LIGO (Room 032)

Gunter Luepke – Ultrafast studies of novel materials (Room 064)

For our younger visitors we offer an exciting treasure hunt – find out what kind of waves are used in different labs!

Daylight astronomy? Why not! Head to the lawn in front of the Small Hall to see the Sun and planets as you’ve never seen them before.

Observations start at 10am, weather permitting.

Want to try your hands on physics experiments?

Explore all kinds of waves in our interactive displays!

We have microwaves, acoustic waves, light waves, gravitational waves, seismic waves and more!

Location – First floor corridor in Small Hall

Open 10am – 4pm

Come to our Physics Playroom!

 Fun hands-on science for everyone from 1 to 101!

Location – Small Hall 122

Open 10am – 4pm

If it is not raining, make sure to check our Physics for Outsiders!

 Giant oobleck pool! Racing the light! Camera Obscura!


Location – the lawn outside Small Hall

Open 10am – 4pm

Interactive demo shows

Guaranteed excitement for all ages. Who knew physics may be so much fun!

Location – Small Hall 110

Demo shows start at 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.15pm

Visit Small Hall Makerspace to learn how you can make your dream project a reality with a help of a 3D printer or some other tools, or to create your own reality with a virtual reality glasses.

Location – Small Hall 143, open 12 - 4 pm

Want to know more about cutting-edge science, explained in plain English?

Public lectures from Physics professors

No prior physics knowledge required!

Location – Small Hall 111

11.00 am 

Eugeniy Mikhailov

LIGO and discovery of the gravitational waves



Nobel-inspired lecture

12.00 pm

Enrico Rossi

Alice in Topological Wonderland

1.00 pm

Anna DeJong (CNU)

Radio Waves in the Solar System

2.00 pm

Mark Hinders

Non-linear acoustics scarecrow





We will also make liquid nitrogen ice cream – the most natural (and tasty) ice cream you have ever tried!

Come join the physics fun!

Or should we say fisics phun?

Want to have your own PhysicsFest at home? Just check out these great books in your local library and start having fun!

 Please send all questions, requests and suggestions to